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You smell that? Aw shit, we're back in the pit today gettin' some. These fuckers are true cocksuckers and ass annihilators. Suited up in their best leather and chains, every inch of this pounding video has all the best we offer. Enjoy the "gravy train," as the holes are lined up and wetted. In this fuckfest, the lucky bottom boy is Blue Bailey; he'll be served up, spit roasted, choked with cock and given a happy "ending." We got real close on this shoot, didn't want to miss a drop. As Blue gets passed around, his only response, is "yes sir, fuck me;" can't ask for a better bottom than that. Hell, in the end, he even cums on command and splashes everyone's boots. Bent over and servicing while being railed, Blue clinches his hole for everyone to enjoy. As a "thank you" for his abilities, the tops take turns nutting in his "opening." He then responds by cleaning off everyone's cock and using his spit to fire one off, himself.

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Jacob's back, "awkward." He's here with Willy and neither are going to be blown by a girl today. Look, for $300 each, they can imagine boobs and long hair. Down for doing one another, I put on some porn; Willy says he needs "some pussy in my face." Stripped down, Jacob goes first and swallows Willy; okay, maybe not fully, but this is all new to him. Damn, Willy's got a nice long one, but he must be bad with names; he just keeps calling Jacob, "deeper." Oh shit, Jacob's tongue ring has things up and going. Getting comfortable takes a bit, but I just keep filming; yep, Straight Rent Boys. Squatting, Willy continues to give direction as to what he wants. I see him tugging at something in Jacob's underwear; this is where "the magic happens." All it ever really takes is guys that are horny, "easy peasy." Now if Jacob can just focus on using his tongue ring, Willy's going to be "off" in no time; he just needs more practice. Willy takes over tugging while Jacob does a bit of "ring around" the sack, and nips. The two lock lips as their arousal grows, as does Jacob's dick. Watching some cooch, Willy gets close and starts gasping. With Jacob lying beside him, Willy gives an "okay" and shoots to his chest. Now, it's Jacob's turn; let's see if he can remember Willy's name.

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"I like to shoot," remarks James Long. This hottie is 19, plays basketball and is straight. Eddie and I are chuckling at the "game" we are referring to, but James just laughs us off and strips down; notice how we stop giggling when he's down to his underwear? Being Puerto Rican, and showing it through his underwear, James is not sure he wants to "share the couch" with another guy. For today, he'll just "handle" himself; I offer to help and he gives a "we'll see." Lying back and working on getting hard, the porn in the background is helping, but I think he needs an "expert." I slide my hand onto his cock and low and behold, "Jamie" likes it. These boys may have great cocks, but it takes an experienced man to know what to do with them. Trying different positions, James keeps tugging. Moving my hand back on his cock, I notice he's even more turned on the second time; after all, he did say he's "into MILFS." Nuzzling into the pillow, he starts rocking his hips and agrees, "it felt good." James takes back over, but I can't let a hot cock like his "go" without another tug. Watching his abs, and whole body tighten and flex, he's even harder the third time I take over. Breathing deeply, with soft moans, James arches his back and spews all over my hand and his groin. Typical, this straight boy just realizes he got his first man on man contact, and coyly laughs and then agrees to come back for more. Shit, MILFS and DILFS, it's only one letter different.

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Damn, this "dirty little whore," is definitely a Brooklyn boy with that thick accent. Jay Sinister is very up front about how he spends his time as a male escort. Serving mostly straight guys, Jay's main goal is discretion; they like to explore sucking and fucking, but discretely. He also does a lot of role playing and fantasy play. As a Straight Rent Boy, he is up for some fun and willing to do a solo today, to advertise just how "dirty" he can be. Jay starts to strip and reveal his love for tattoos, as well as a body that is built to please. Sitting back and getting hard, Jay has some "big ass balls;" he says, "thank you," and keeps on stroking. He does know what he likes and is not shy about showing it; for a bit of money, he's also willing to share it. Legs spread, he jerks and fingers himself; Jay's hairy hole really could use a "companion." I can tell he's close as he starts pumping his hips while he tugs. Once the "lava" starts flowing, he does go for a bit; his hell-a-load slides down his shaft and all over his hand. Wanting to explore your "natural nature?" Jay is up for rent and seeking a "consenting adult straight guy."

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